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For many years, ABI Med Sud have been a major key abettor in the growth infrastructure of Equatorial Guinea. Established in 2003 by it’s honorary Chairman, Abdul Karim AHMAD, ABI Med Sud have been able to expand by handing over complete turnkey projects and setting the region’s demands and expectations at high standards.

Aside from large public developments the company’s business scope includes developing and investing in real estate and hospitality sectors, ABI Med Sud specializes in general contracting and construction management, as well as providing operation and maintenance services.

Our vast experience on different projects have given us the advantage of executing a great deal of our work in short periods of time while still being able to preserve and maintain high standards in the finishing works.

ABI Med Sud are on the verge of attracting a flow of international investment into Equatorial Guinea and putting the country on the international business map.

Construction projects from A to Z

At ABI Med Sud we bring both a true management approach and fresh innovative thinking to every project design.

We begin by listening!

Your functional needs and aesthetic concerns are unique. We take the time to understand them, then thoroughly research and analyze every element, and provide alternative solutions so you can decide exactly how and where to spend your money. Our approach is personal and straightforward. Our clear and comprehensive drawings and presentations make final results easy to visualize and understand.

We provide a full project management, operation and maintenance service in all areas of the construction industry, and pride ourselves on the successful achievement of first class projects. Key deliverables are worked from conceptual design through and to fulfillment of all materials and rollout of project completion. 

Quality and sustainability

At ABI Med Sud, we believe that the human capital of our company is our most important asset, as well as working in close partnership with our clients.
Leading with passion, a high work ethic and a love of luxury, we want the world to discover our signature and to appreciate the ABI Med Sud vision.
With the target of expanding our ventures all over Africa, the company operates in compliance with ISO standards and the highest international safety guidelines.

High skills and high standards


Our projects are undertaken from a wide range of high profile customers, organizations and governments.

Our pioneering skills and resources allow us to meet with our clients aesthetic and functional needs hence taking the time to understand and throughly research each project. This personal and straight forward approach yields a comprehensive presentation with budget-oriented results as well as a clear visualization of the plan.



We place great emphasis on trust and building a long term relationship. We continually seek the most attractive development projects and opportunities from around the world.Safety: We are committed to giving our stakeholders a secure investment. Safeguarding the wellbeing and security of our employees, the community, and our environment.



We are committed to giving our stakeholders a secure investment. Safeguarding the wellbeing and security of our employees, the community, and our environment.


Established in 2003, Abdul Karim Ahmad established ABI Med Sud in Malabo after the renovation of the 16 presidential villas of Banapa La Paz Complex.

In 2005, ABI Med Sud signed a management agreement with Hilton in the aim to operate ABI Med Sud’s first real estate investment project in Malabo, the Bisila Palace Hotel Hilton Malabo. In 2005, ABI Med Sud, implanted its own aggregates crusher company under the name of Al Baraka.

In 2006, ABI Med Sud, finalized the construction of the new head quarters  of the Social Security Institute in Malabo. 

In 2007, ABI Med Sud completed its first project on the continental side of Equatorial Guinea, 60 kms from Bata, in Bolondo, Hotel Imaculada.

In 2008, ABI Med Sud completed  the construction of Hotel Imaculada in Luba.

In 2009, ABI Med Sud completed  the renovation of Hotel Imaculada in Ebebiyin. 

  • In 2010, ABI Med Sud completed the construction of the municipality of Bata. 

In 2011, ABI Med Sud completed the construction of the Hilton Malabo Hotel, the hotel hoisted the 17th ordinary African Union Summit. 

In 2012, ABI Med Sud finalized the project of the new Senate Parliament of Malabo. In 2012, ABI Med Sud completed the construction of the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance in Luba. In 2012, ABI Med Sud completed the construction of the State Treasury Vault Building In Malabo.

In 2013, ABI Med Sud completed the turnkey delivery of the new Central Mosque of Malabo where the financing was partially received from H.E the First Lady of the Nation and the rest from ABI Med Sud. 

In July 2015, ABI Med Sud has been granted the construction of the Presidential terminal of the international airport of Mongomeyen which was inaugurated during the 13th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) on February 2016.

In 2015, ABI Med Sud was granted the construction of the Presidential Palace of Ebebiyin. 

ABI Med Sud completed the construction of the Senators Offices Building in Malabo. 

ABI Med Sud, was granted the project of renovation and transformation of the old BEAC headquarters into the newly created Constitutional Organs of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Malabo.

ABI Med Sud was granted the construction of the new Sofitel President Palace in Malabo. 

Growing through team work

As an integral part of our community, we take pride in creating career opportunities for our local youth, as well as providing them with the training required to advance and excel at their jobs.

Hand in hand, we are forging the environment we live in and shaping our success with continuous community projects and the transfer of technology.

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